This is a theoretical and practical workshop on Magic Construction, meaning the craft of choosing and structuring methods to make them as effective and deceptive as possible.

In this workshop 4 hours of length Pipo will develop and unfold his knowledge on the subject which he learnt from the magicians of the Spanish Constructivist School of Magic originated with Camilo Vázquez, Juan Tamariz and Arturo de Ascanio and further developed magicians such as Joaquín Navajas, Gabriel Pareras, Miguel Gómez, Miguel Angel Gea, Alberto de Figueiredo, Ricardo Rodriguez, Jose Martinez…

Among other things these topics will be addressed.

  • What it is Coverage what is its objective
  • What it Construction what is its objective
  • Causality
  • False continuity
  • Structuring the methods
  • Sequential VS Non-Sequential Construction
  • How to represent graphically the internal structure of a routine
  • Getting ahead and breaking up the method: problems and solutions

The theoretical concepts will be illustrated blocks throughout the workshop explained in detail with numerous examples. During the workshop a total of four unpublished close-up magic routines will be explained and taught “hands-on”. The routine requires medium level skill, everyone will get out of the workshop with the routines in the hands. The material required to perform the routines will be available during workshop (coins, cups&balls and cards) but attendants are welcome to bring his own material.

Aside from the routines taught “hands on”, Pipo will share some unpublished material from his personal repertoire to further illustrate the concepts and method structuring.

Included in the material of the workshop is a theoretical article describing in detail de the concepts with several examples.