Personalized one-to-one sessions for the serious magic student. Counseling for magic acts, character development, theoretical foundations

The typical work methodology while counseling on the development of an act or a routine is as follows:
  • I receive a video of the current state of act or the draft idea… I also need a text explaining the expectations, motivations, problems, and concerns you may have regarding the routine/act.
  • I work on it on my side and prepare a document with few bullet points with alternatives, more ideas, problems, and proposals to discuss in the actual live session.
  • Live session 45 to 60 minutes 
This process may be iterated several times.
Private message me for additional information.


“I ve contacted Pipo when I was stuck with a routine. I m glad I did! His experience and his research opened my eyes to a new perspective. If you love creation, sophisticated methods and clarity in your effects you should contact Pipo. Thank you!” P.K.


“The private sessions with Pipo are great. Not only his feedback on sleights, but on construction and presentation and how it all fits together is just amazing and so motivating. Whether I was stuck and couldn’t see where to go, or whether I was pleased with it but felt there was maybe more to discover, Pipo helped me move forward to a place where I was happier with my magic.” F.B.