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The digital content here is available in English language. If Spanish is available it is indicated accordingly.

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THIS SITE IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL PLACE TO GET ME NEWEST MATERIAL. Purchasing these products anywhere else (except “Magic for the Short sighted”) is supporting theft and it severely hurts me as well of other creators.




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It’s been a while since I released new material. On one hand I am willing to share, I am very thankful to the magicians who shared their work and let me learn from their experience. On the other hand, I am very attached to my material. I don’t produce (good) routines and ideas like they were cheeseburgers, it takes a lot of time, work, and dedication to develop them. I also get inspiration, advice, and ideas from many other sources like my inner circle with whom I am indebted. So, I value my material very much for what it is, not because I feel it is mine. It feels much more like it was given to me and I am responsible for it.

There some aspects of the instructional magic market that I found somewhat disheartening: 

♦ Too much not good enough material is released at a very rapid pace, so it gets harder to find the good stuff and novelty tends to be valued more than quality. Thus, the incentive to release solid material is increasingly minor.

♦ The spotlight is constantly redirecting the next “ultimate” thing that you cannot not live without, that not surprisingly it falls into oblivion quickly. I have verified many times that a grandiloquent teaser is not a good proxy of the value of the content.

♦ I think people are not encouraged or motivated enough to study and understand the fundamentals, rehearse anything demanding, take risks or cultivate self-criticism. This cheapens the Art of Magic because without those no real improvement or innovation is possible.

♦ Creators of original material are so vulnerable to piracy and plagiarism.

But I do not want to fall into defeatism, it is not fair either. Magic is in very good shape and it keeps moving forward. The current dynamics of the instructional magic market, nothing new under the sun, also brings good things. I just think I will be able to provide more value to the community from here.

For this reason new material here won’t be available officially in English anywhere else.

This site was launched with two specific goals:

♥ To be the place where I am comfortable to share my work because it is based on my view, values, and ethics.

♥ To serve as a platform where I can connect with a specific audience interested in the same things I am, namely, the serious study of the Art of Magic.

My commitment is this:

 ♠ I will only release material I regard as valuable and also material where I significantly contributed to add value. Either routines, courses, or monographic studies of certain topics.

♠ I will take care of giving credit when credit is due. I will also refer to original and valuable sources for further study.

♠ I will attend personally to reasonable questions and comments regarding the releases on the comment section of each product for everyone to see.

♠ I will try to release something new every year and also feed the blog with articles and essays. Member and Clients will be rewarded with exclusive access to more content, updates, and Q&A sessions.

♠ When eventually I incorporate Spanish voice over or subtitles to any course, that content will be added to the courses and not released as a separated product.