It’s been a few months already, always talking about magic, magic this, magic that, blah blah blah…


This is a Magic Ritual, grab any deck you have at hand and join me for five minutes, if you do this right it may help you to achieve an unspeakable desire* of yours. Follow the instructions neatly, even if they sound unusual and makes no sense. First, you have a unspeakable desire right? You need one! (Alternatively and speakable desire will do)

Take the deck, shuffle it a little bit and deal ten cards on the table. You can put the deck back in the box and put it aside since we are not using it anymore.

Take the ten cards face down and shuffle them a little bit more in your hands. Now put the cards face down in your hand as if you were going to deal them (in the left hand if you are right handed).


Now you will do what we magicians call “cut and complete” the pack. With your free hand (the right you are right handed) take from the top pretty much half of the cards and transfer them to the bottom of the pack. You are doing it great!!

Now you have to deal the pack alternatively making two face down piles on the table, one, two, one, two… ok? You should end up with two piles of cards on the table. (see picture)


You have to take in your hands the pile which is closer to the door of the room you are in, yes!! Exactly that door!

So you have one of the piles right? Shuffle it a little bit more. Now I want you to start focusing on your unspeakable desire as you shuffle your cards, picture it in your mind as you shuffle.

Now I want you to put this pack face down in your hand as if you were going to deal them again and I want you to cut and complete that pack. I know there are less cards but you can do the same as before and cut roughly half and transfer the cards from the top to the bottom. Got it? Great!

Now please, as if you were a professional poker player, I want you to peek the corner of the top card on the face down packet you have in your hands and remember it. Don’t let anyone see it! Ok? Again, cut and complete the packet in your hands as before, so you lose track of the card you just saw and drop the packet in your hands on top of the other packet on the table. Now there is only one pack at play, leave it there for a while.

What I want you to do is to associate your unspeakable desire to the card which is in your mind right now. If your unspeakable desire looks like Jennifer Lawrence and you peeked one of the queens of the deck the association would be very easy. Probably you’ll have to work on it a little bit more. I wait for you right here till you get it. Got it?

Now I want you to take the pile face down in your hand and spread it a little bit, like a fan, so you can see the backs of every card (See picture).


In order to add some chaos I want you to do the following:  take the top two cards together and I bury them in the middle of the fan. Same thing with the bottom two cards, you take them together and lose them in the middle.  Right?

Now take either first card or the second, up to you, and put it face down on the table. Now take any card from the middle of the fan and put it on the table on top of the other card, as making a pile. Now take either the last card or second last and put in on top of the pile of cards of the table. Take one last card from the middle of the spread and put it on top the pile. Take the remaining cards you have in your hands and put them as a block on top of the pile in the table.

I know it is burdensome but the idea is that at this point you do not even have the slightest idea of where the card (whose identity only you know) is. Think that you are so close to achieve your unspeakable desire!

Now take the pile of cards and put it in your hand face down again, as if you were going to deal them but you won’t. Close your eyes for some moments and focus on your desire, with your free hand cut a pile of cards and put them in the table. You can open your eyes now (if you are reading this you already have them wide open). Put the rest of the cards you have in your hands, making a chris cross (see picture), on top of the cards of the table.


Now in order to the ritual to actually work, you need to say out loud the following words to honor the magicians to whom we owe this wonderful and powerful ritual. Repeat with me:

– By the fiddle of Juan Tamariz!

– By the frown of Max Maven!

– By the mane of Jerry Sadowitz!

– By the force of Max Holden!

Now pick up the upper packet of the Chris Cross and look the card  you just cut at (see picture).



This means you will achieve your unspeakable desire!!!  GO CHASE JENNIFER LAWR… I mean, go chase whatever you desire is!!!

BUT BEOFORE DOING THAT, please contain the excitement for just a few seconds, you have to do ONE LAST THING,  it may sound very strange at this point, you may not want to do it at first but sorry, it is something you must do… SHARE THE HELL OUT OF THIS MAGIC RITUAL!!!

Thanks for reading!


*DISCLAIMER: I cannot assume any liability if your unspeakable desire comes true and it is against the law in the state you are currently located (neither in the unlikely event that your unspeakable desire just doesn’t come true)

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