NEVER EVER EVER SIT ON THE FRONT ROW IN A MAGIC SHOW. You alredy chose the red pill and there is no turning back, you are now part of the magic society, a great big family where we help each other, you belong to an exclusive elite which aims protecting the secrets, you know way too much, you carry a tremendous responsibility… SO YOU GO SIT IN THE LAST ROW.

In case you’re threatened and forced to sit in the front row… don’t give up! Think in what John McLane (aka Bruce Willis) would do, solve the situation and get your ass to the last row where we belong. Alternatively, you can fake an indigestion and go home leaving an empty seat.

OK, you didn’t make it to the last row (we leave excuses for later…). What would you do in that very rare exceptional case?

  • YOU ARE NOT A MUSHROOM so you shouldn’t behave like one. Be aware you are not meant to be there, dust off your ninja skills and BLEND IN.
  • When the magician is looking for a volunteer, you look down to the ground.
  • When the magician gets to the climax of the effect you DO NOT nod with satisfaction and that half smile on your face.
  • Do not react to moves or sleights, applauding or cheering them it is far from being a polite thing.
  • Do not take notes on your notepad (that’s not allowed in the last row neither), do not even bring a notepad. Also keep your deck and coins safely in your pocket regardless where you are seated.
  • And finally yet very importantly, YOU APPLAUD WHEN NORMAL PEOPLE APPLAUD (that is mandatory even in the last row).

In general, while seeing a magic show you are not requested to pretend or exaggerate, but if you have that feeling of enjoyment, as if you were liking what you see… JUST DON’T FIGHT THAT FEELING, EMBRACE IT. 🙂

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