Hi there! I’ve been missing for a while. I know you all were very worried about me right? (wink wink)

The thing it is I don’t have much to tell you just now, I have a few articles but they are not finished yet. I‘ve been very busy recording a DVD with some routines and ideas of mine. “MAGIC FOR THE SHORTSIGHTED” is the name of the project. I think it will look very good, the guys at the studio and the art direction did an amazing job. I am very excited about it! I tell you this because when we finished the recording sessions I thought of you, I thought it would be good to take advantage of the set design and record a little video for the blog. Si we did it! Here you are a 2-cup version of the Cups & Balls (excuse the patter I was tired and not 100% awake)

I think the routine it is interesting and very connected with a previous article in which we discussed about clarity and confusion and I shared with you Joaquin Matas’s wonderful version of this classic. I started playing around with a routine with two cups precisely because of Joaquin Matas (you’ll see the influence).


A good thing about 2-cups routines is that is less likely to create confusion because there are less elements (but not impossible). I am in love of Tommy Wonder and David Williamson versions that also uses two cups.

I think this routine is very streamlined (maybe a little bit too much). Two things I would like to outline that I think are interesting:

  • One related to the External Life. All effects involved the two balls so all the elements are always at play. I think that is good from the point of view of the clarity because there is very little information the spectator needs to remember.
  • The other one related to the Internal Life (I won’t reveal anything here). Not a single sleight or ruse are repeated throughout the routine. That’s on purpose of course, I think that as we repeat sleights in a routine they become weaker and less deceptive for the spectator (we damm humans always looking for patters and learning stuff even unconsciously…). So it is a good thing to have in mind when working on our routines.

But we’ll find a better place to discuss about methods, construction and other nasty stuff (normal people is reading here)

Thanks for reading!



PS: I clearly remember our agreement, you were supposed to have a 10 minutes performable new act by June 11th.

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